REC League FAQs

  1. What is included in the REC league fee?

Your son will participate in an 8-game season. The fee also includes a reversible jersey w/# on back, gym space and official’s fees.


  1. How do I pay my fees?

You can mail a check with your registration form to our PO Box, drop it off at the High School Athletic Office or pay via Venmo.  Please note, your son may not participate or receive his jersey until all fees have been paid.


  1. Can my son pick his REC jersey number?

No. We randomly assign jersey numbers in the REC league. The numbers range from 0-9, and no player receives the number 1.


  1. Why are there evaluations for the REC League?

Our goal is to create balanced teams.  Therefore, all players will have their skills evaluated by Head Coach, Mike Bluey and staff. All players will make a team regardless of their skill level.


  1. Do K-2 players have to be evaluated?

No. K-2 players will participate in skill sessions only with Coach Bluey. Evaluations are only for Grades 3-6.


  1. How many players per team?

This will vary. Our goal is to have 8 per team, but the total number of players and teams will dictate that number. Last year team size ranged from 7-9 per team.


  1. We have twin boys, will they be on the same team?

Yes. We will place brothers, in the same grade, on the same team.


  1. When are practices?

Most practices will be one night a week Monday thru Thursday. Practice times last one hour. Please note, it is being determined that the first scheduled practice will be on Saturday and/or Sunday October 19 or 20.  (Subject to change.)


  1. Can I see a list of the rules?

Yes, please click HERE


  1. What days are games played?

Games will be played on Saturdays and/or Sundays.


  1. Please describe playing time.

Each player in the REC league will receive the same amount of playing time. Each coach is REQUIRED to fill out a rotation sheet that will dictate a player’s time on the floor. The goal of the REC league is to promote a fun-filled atmosphere for all levels of player.


  1. Will games be officiated?

Yes, all games will be officiated by Ohio officials. Grades 4-6 will have two officials, while 3rd grade games will be officiated by one official.


  1. How do I become a coach?

We are glad to hear that you are interested in becoming a coach. With well over 20 teams in the REC league finding enough coaches is a challenge. On the registration form please select “I’M INTERESTED IN BECOMING A COACH.” We will then select coaches from the list of interested parties. If you are not selected to lead a team you can always be an assistant coach for a team.


  1. If I coach will my son be on my team?



  1. Is there a coach’s meeting before the season begins?

Yes. This meeting will be led by Coach Mike Bluey and the Director of Hoover Youth. They will lay out the guidelines for the upcoming season.


  1. My son has other activities that he participates in during the week. Can I request a specific day of the week for him to practice?

We will try our best to accommodate any other scheduling conflicts. However, we cannot guarantee to meet all requests.

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