Travel FAQs

  1. What is included for the entry fee?

The entry fee includes a reversible uniform (jersey/shorts), shooting shirt with name and number on back, entry into the Tallmadge winter league, entry into 4 local tournaments in February/March, and any outside gym rentals as needed.


  1. When is the Travel fee due?

If your child is selected to participate on a travel team, the fee ($210) will be due before the first REC practice the weekend of October 19-20.  Your fee ($100) for REC is due by October 13.  After, October 13, a $15 late fee will apply.


  1. How do I pay my fees?

You can mail a check with your registration form to our PO Box, drop it off at the High School Athletic Office or  pay via Venmo.  Please note, your son may not participate or receive his jersey until fees have been paid.


  1. If my son made a travel team last year is he required to tryout this year?

Yes. We require all players to be evaluated. Over the course of the year players skills develop and change. Players who were not selected last year may have worked on their skills and improved to be selected on one of our teams this year.


  1. Does my son have to play in the REC league if he’s on a travel team?

Yes. This is mandatory.


  1. Can my son do his travel tryout during the REC league evaluation?

No. We require that all interested players participate in the time that is scheduled for their grade on the day of TRAVEL try outs.


  1. My son didn’t try out for travel last year. Will this affect his evaluation this year?

Last year has no bearing on this year. We encourage all players who are interested in trying out to attend the tryouts. Players develop differently over the year. Some put in the required time to improve while others do not.


  1. Explain the tryout evaluations.

The tryout will be conducted by varsity Head Coach, Mike Bluey. Coach Bluey will put the players through a series of drills, skill work and game-like situations. Each player will be evaluated on a series of skills based on a 1-5 scale. Coach Bluey will invite evaluators from outside of the school district to conduct the evaluations, as well as his coaching staff. Once the evaluations are concluded, each players’ skills will be tallied and an average score determined. We will then rank the players from top to bottom based on their score.


  1. How many teams will be created?

This will be determined by the number of players that are trying out, as well as the number of coaches we have interested in coaching a team. Our goal is to have at least two teams per grade level play in the Tallmadge League.


  1. How many players on each team?

Our goal is to only have 8 players per team.


  1. Do all kids get the same amount of playing time?

In travel, the goal of the teams is to compete and win. Unfortunately, at times this requires some players not to get as much time as others. We do require that all players participate in each game. The amount of time is determined by the coach.


  1. How many practices will be conducted during the week?

While the REC season is in session, travel teams will practice once a week. When the REC season concludes travel teams will then practice twice per week.


  1. Why aren’t all of the practices in a North Canton facility?

Unfortunately, gym space within the North Canton school district is a premium. We have to schedule our gym times around all other school activities, whether it’s at the elementary, middle school or high school levels. Because of so many school activities in the winter we have to go outside of the NC facilities to get gym space.


  1. How many games will the teams play during the season?

In the Tallmadge League, teams will play an 8-game season. There is no post-season tournament in this league. In the local tournaments, each team is typically guaranteed three games per tournament. Last year, we had some of our travel teams compete in over 30 games throughout the year.


  1. What day(s) of the week will games be played?

In the Tallmadge League, 4th-6th grade games will be played on Sundays. The time can vary from 8am-6pm. 3rd grade games are played on Saturdays from 8am-6pm. Tallmadge does not accept any schedule requests. The after-season local tournaments can be played from Wednesday to Sundays. Typically, most games are played during the weekends.


  1. What if a travel team wants to play in more than the 4 paid tournaments by Hoover Hoops?

We are glad that teams are interested in playing more games. If that’s the case, the team would be responsible for that entry fee. Last year, we did have teams participate in more than 4 tournaments.


  1. I would like to be a coach for a travel team. How do I make this happen?

Great! We are always in need of coaches, whether it be a head coach or an assistant. On the registration form be sure to check “I’M INTERESTED IN BECOMING A COACH” section. We will them compile a list of all interested coaches. An interview will be conducted by Coach Bluey and others. Please note. By selecting to be a coach does not guarantee you a coaching position or your son a spot on a travel team.


  1. I’d like to coach a team but can only do certain days of the week.

If you are selected to coach a team we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. However, there is no guarantee.


  1. Is there a coach’s meeting before the season begins?

Yes. This meeting will be led by Coach Mike Bluey and the Director of Hoover Youth. They will layout the guidelines for the upcoming season.

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